In the showroom, they told us 7 to 10 days to get the furniture. We opted to pick it up ourselves. I called the day after I was in the showroom to finalize the order, on March 1st. That day I was told 10 to 14 days to get the furniture. 10 days later, I called and was told it would be there in the middle of the following week. On March 18th, last night, they said Ashley was not releasing the furniture until April 5th. I guess that does not mean we will get the furniture that day. We will not even have it for the Easter holiday. I am very disappointed to say the least.

My living room was just remodeled and the old furniture was given away in anticipation of getting the new furniture. Now, I have a beautiful (finally) living room that is very empty. I will not be inviting anyone over for Easter.

Do not order from this place unless you have a long time to wait before getting the furniture. I have also seen complaints filed at the BBB for this company. I wish I would have seen this web site and went to the BBB site before I ordered the furniture.

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was told when ordered 2 dressers it was going to be 7 to 10 days now they say 30 days never order from this company.


Have you seen an AD and got to a store and they didn't have what you wanted on the shelf? Well that happens when u go to a furniture store to and u have to wait on the trucks to deliver and are at the mercy of the manufacturer to get it to the store.

Frustrating....but it happens. Thank you DFW furniture warehouse for putting up with us impatient customers.

I appreciate your low prices and think it's worth the wait. GOD BLESS!


DFW Furniture Direct and DFW Furniture Warehouse are 2 separate different companies. I have shopped DFW Furniture for several years and i am happy with my product where I saved considerable amounts of money.

My daughter bought a living room set for $500.00 and she has 2 kids has had it several years and still looks new. It is in how u take care of it.

I ordered one that was on back order for several weeks but the sales associate did tell me and I opted to wait for it. I am a believer if you treat them with respect you get that back and have no complaints even when they had top replace my damaged headboard(they cant see threw sealed boxes) Thank you DFW furniture for a great shopping experience!


I ordered from these people too, got mine in a week. At these prices, and I saved A LOT, I didn't mind waiting.

My experience was great with these people. Sorry to hear yours wasn't.

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